What you can expect from this site

    • If you belong to any of the exploited and oppressed communities of the world, and want to establish the social system based on social equality, economical equality and guaranteed human rights then this website is for you no matter which organization you belong to.
    • This site will help you to differentiate between the Real struggle and Fake struggle. This will enable you to avoid becoming a victim of ongoing fake struggles that rob you of your economical, physical and mental resources without any gain or progress in the direction of program of that organization.
  • There is an inverse relationship between you and the exploiters and their stooges. Exploiters and their stooges become stronger making you weak. Therefore, if you start making yourself stronger, they will become weaker.
  • A real activity strengthens your struggle against exploitation and oppression, consequently weakening the oppressors and their exploitation system.
  • Launching the “Real Struggle” will immediately start empowering you at individual, family and society level in progression. As a result you and your family will feel protected, understand and enjoy a real life in whatever resources you live in.
  • This site helps you to choose real activities at individual, family and social of your choice and priority considering your own potentials and liabilities.
  • Real Struggle at “social level” enables masses to intelligently choose an activity that requires minimum efforts and resources and is most effective and are able to launch, lead and control their own struggle while remaining fully protected.

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